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March 26, 2013


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Art 2

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Art 2

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March 25, 2013


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September 14, 2011

New website and updates

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Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while. Life and all that.

So, what’s been happening. Well, we have a much bigger team now, 7 people in total.  The long awaited Issue 4 is being put together as I write and will be ready to go to print very soon.

Now, in 2012 we are relaunching Beautiful Scruffiness. It’s going to have a new look, new features, new size, shape, merchandise…the list goes on and on!

We now have a BRAND NEW website, put together by our new designer, Sam Metcalfe. Pay a visit and get your own account so that you can join in with discussions and stuff.

Like usual, we are open for submissions of art and writing, so send you work to:

Writers: Poetry, short stories, non-fiction, novel extracts. 1,000 words max.

Artists: 3 pieces of art max.

May 31, 2011

31 Letters in 31 Days: Letter 31 – Dear Philip Liddell

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Dear Philip Liddell,

Phil, Phil, Phil. Where to bloody start? When I first saw you back in 2001, hours before the towers collapsed, I thought you looked just like Seth Green. I fell for you and you fell for my sister. Who could blame you though? She’s fucking gorgeous. I was a bitch to you for years for absolutely no reason. My head was so overtaken with anorexic/depressive/obsessive thoughts, that I believed you had ‘taken’ my sister away from me. That you were ‘leading’ her to a life of, well, not very much expect smoking weed and such and such. How wrong was I? I had taken myself away from my sister, and from the rest of the world. Over the ten years I have known you, we have grown together, as I have recovered, and you have shaped yourself into your writing and art. Only we know how this has happened. Our poetry, our experiences, our mistakes, they have bonded us. We have shared everything. I still have the letters you wrote to me, when you were at one end of the country, and I was at the other. Tonight, you gave me a leather bracelet with today’s date inscribed on it. I wanted to cry. You told me to inscribe the names of everyone I meet onto it. I’m not sure if there will be space, but I shall try. You told me that if I lost it, it wouldn’t matter because it would be lost in Iceland. I never know what to expect from you, and tonight, you did what you do best. You left me feeling thankful, grateful, honoured, to have Philip Liddell; writer, poet, artist, dreamer, doer as my friend.



March 6, 2011

World Book Night 2011

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Last night was fabulous. Beautiful Scruffiness celebrated World Book Night at Mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art), a spectacular venue for an evening of folk music, candle light and poetry…oh, and free books galore! Good times. 😀


Poets Philip Liddell Jon Glasper and Christopher Stewart performed from Beautiful Scruffiness (all three issues!)






and received a very warm welcome from a lovely crowd or writers, artists and people genuinely interested in the cultural scene that’s thriving in Teesside.


Sara Dennis, librarian by day, folk musician by night wowed us with her magical voice and lyrics, and other folk musicians created a cheerful, exquisite atmosphere. It was wonderful to see children and adults alike, engrossed in their free books even before the night had finished. All in all it was a special, friendly evening, warm and full with music, sprit and perhaps most importantly, the written word.


March 4, 2011

Happy Beautiful Scruffiness Day!!

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Yes, for me, this is Beautiful Scruffiness Day, well, really it has been Beautiful Scruffiness week! Lots and lots has happened, and it’s all VERY exciting! I’ve received the final illustrations for issue four which look absolutely class, and here is a sneak peak at the front cover for Issue 4

I’ve also set up a new page of Facebook, just click the link to take a look. Tell your friends about it too.!/pages/Beautiful-Scruffiness/155757721147835

Oh, we now have a little shop on Etsy,

Tell your friends about that too! Tomorrow is a really important night for Beautiful Scruffiness. It’s World Book Night and at Mima in Middlesbrough, there is an ace event going on, packed with Poets, musicians, free books and, of course, Beautiful Scruffiness!! What more could you want? 😀

I should say it now, but there are only five copies left of Issue 1, so if you want one, you better get cracking.

We are currently working on a new website, which is going to have lots and lots of useful, beautiful things to inspire you and make you go ‘ohhh.’

Anyway, that’s about all for now! But add us on Facebook, pay the website a look before it goes off line to be re-vamped and most important of all, GET YOUR HANDS ON A COPY OF BEAUTIFUL SCRUFFINESS!!

August 21, 2010

Okay, okay!

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21st August 2010

I need to apologize for the significant lack of blog entries. Life has been as life has been – crazy! I will try and keep a regular routine now of maintaining this blog.

So, we are moving onto bigger and brighter things! Issue three is due to be published in under a month and believe you me; it is going to be a cracker! I’m highly excited about it. The paper is going to be thicker, the art is going to be fresh and the writing…well, what do you expect! It’s going to be spectacular.

Now, the price from issue 3 onwards is going to be raised by 50p. Now, hold onto your seats, this is because of a huge leap forward in terms of bringing the magazine to an exceptionally high standard, high enough to be placed proudly on a shelf in Waterstones.  I mean, what else is 50p going to get you nowadays, huh? With Beautiful Scruffiness it’s an upgrade!

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